Manipulation Touch Input of a HID Interface for Windows

Hi, there are many tutorials out there on how to send mouse/touch/click signals to Windows using an Arduino. (Teensy, Arduino Leonardo, Micro or Due should be the best devices for this)

But i want to read the current touch position of a HID Interface, that is connected via USB to a Windows computer.

My idea was to listen on the data wires of the USB cable and then send my manipulated input to the computer. How do I start? Are there any libraries to use? Because starting at byte level would be a pain. I was thinking of somehow accessing the x and y values of the touch input.

More Background: The Device is a Epson EB-695WI ultra short throw projector with a touch module. Because of the special setup (mounted on all four walls of the room and therefore interference at the inside corners) i have ghost touches at the corners. So i want to establish “no touch” zones, where touches are not redirected to Windows.

I hope somebody could give me some input.
Cheers :slight_smile:

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