manual triggering midiplayer

hi! i'm new here. i spend a lot of time to build some PIC based midibox project/SIDsynth, MIDICV..etc ...and i would like to try Arduino:) i finished the single side board and i looking for some solution to play midinotes via button or piezzo. my idea is to create a midiplayer which playing midifiles via drumpads. i need just notes, the velocity can be a fix value. any info would be cool! :) thx

This project shows you how to trigger MIDI notes from switch inputs:-

thanks for your quick response Mike! great projects! the sneak thief video is really funny:) i will test your code and than i will ask again. i found this atmel based player: looks ok, but i need an extra input//just one switch// to triggering the midi sequencies...hmmm

Self help is the best help.

Have you tried google and the playground?

Searching google for "midi" seems to present a lot of relevant hits.

Self help is the best help.

I said to the girl in the book shop "where are the self help books",

she said "That rather defeats the whole point doesn't it?"