Manually Control a Nintendo 3DS with Solenoids

Essentially I want to use three solenoids to press three different buttons on my 3ds. I have never used an Arduino before but I have some experience programming PLC's and basic coding in C so I hope I will be able to get by. I was hoping you guys could help me out finding out what parts I will need to make this happen. I know I will need an external power source to power the solenoids (and that I will need transistors to connect them up?) I am planning on just mounting the solenoids to a platform that I would place above the 3ds.

For parts I am looking at these three different solenoids,

I don't know which ones would work best or if anyone has experience with any of these ones (or can recommend other inexpensive ones) (they can be push or pull, it does not matter)

As for the transistors I have no idea what I will need.

Thanks so much for looking and I am looking forward to any responses!

EDIT:I ended up buying these:

Personally, I'd probably have used FET's to drive the solenoids instead of relays.

You will need to get some diodes to put across the solenoids in the opposite direction to the supply voltage otherwise the "back emf" on the coil when the relay contacts open will generate high voltages which will be dangerous, and will cause interference and also will eventually cause the contacts in your relays to burn out

You'd also need doides if you used FETs, as otherwise the FET's would get destroyed by the back EMF

You will need to determine where you can get enough current to supply the solenoids

i.e the spec is

Rated Current: 0.1-0.3A , which implies at 3V it takes 0.1A and at 12V it takes 0.3A

Don't take this power out of pin on the Arduino, use a separate 5V PSU e.g one of those USB chargers rated at 1A should be OK

Those relay module boards generally work well, as they often have opto isolators on the input (not sure if the one you bought has that)

Thanks for the reply man. Is there any chance you could tell me the model number of a FET and a diode that would work well in this situation?