Manually flashing the Arduino bootloader


I'm a beginner at Arduino and I've purchased some cheap UNOs from eBay, but it's taking WAY too long to get here (a month an a half already) and I really don't have money for a $29 Uno, so I've decided to grab a few ATmega328Ps and a cheap AVR ISP from a local electronics store to make my own Arduino. But, when I plug in the ISP (it's supposed to be an USBasp) it installs on my PC as USBHID and I couldn't get the Arduino IDE (avrdude) to recognize the device. I've found a software, ProgISP, that works with it. The only problem is how to burn the bootloader with it. If anyone knows which files, fuses and lock bits to burn please tell me all help will be appreciated.


P.S: I want to use the Optiboot bootloader.