Manually setting date/time

I'm working on a sort of clock project with my Arduino.

I'm using the SparkFun RTC (Dallas 1307).

Everything's working dandy, but now it's come to writing the code to set the time.

Does anybody have any code/setup they'd like to share that allows you to cycle through and manually set the time with a few buttons or a pot?


have you looked at this?


Do you have any working code that interfaces to the DS1307?
I am trying to the exact same thing, but as this is my first time ever using a micro controller I am having some troubles!


It would be a pain in the ass to do it with buttons. You'd need a LCD or a few seven segment displays, a rotary switch (10 digits) and a 'next' button. Or a up/down button for each value.

Easier just to send a unix timestamp over the usb port. If your clock has a battery backup then you'll only need to do it once.

has what I want!