manufacturer's part list request

I have seen a similar request before, but I will offer the price of a new complete Arduino Due for anyone who can give me a parts list for the Arduino Due with the manufacturer's parts numbers. It would save me a lot of time as I want to embed many of the components in a project I am working on. Also, if you are interested in providing it, please let me know how to contact you. I hope it is ok to make such a request on this forum. It seems like it should be ok to do so, since, after all, this is a development platform.

I could make that list up. Maybe tonight after I work on a software project for a while. Got a temperature sensor chip I just can't seem to get a good result from.

Here's a start ...

DueRev2PL.xlsx (14.1 KB)

Thank you for the Bill of Materials. I think this is pretty much what you can derive from the Eagle files of the Due. What I am hoping for is the specific manufacturer's part numbers for the components so I can go right to ordering them.

Thanks again,


Like I said, it was a start. Only so many hours in a day.

Has anyone got any more information on this,

I am looking at using the DUE schematic, for a project, information on the components would be good (Part numbers even better).

For example the TX LED is


This doesn't say anything about forward voltage or current so an alternative could be supplied??

Any thoughts, I am a noob at this :slight_smile:



It's a "jellybean" part. Just grab any old 0805 yellow LED and you should be fine.