many flickering leds in a circuit ?

hey chaps so I'm trying to work out how to hook up about 30 leds in series that flicker randomly to each other to create a night sky effect.

I know you can get leds that do that but they would all flicker in unison right ?

Hello, yes, if they are all connected in series, they would flash in unison. You would also need something like 90~100V supply to light them.

But there is an alternative. WS2812B leds. These are also called "neopixels" and can be controlled by a single data line from the Arduino. They run on a 5V supply.


thank you for your help and I am looking into neopixels just one other question if I hooked say 5 flickering leds in parallel then would they flesh in unison again ?

"flesh in unison"? What kind of movies have you been watching, I wonder?

Connected in parrallel, they would flesh, I mean flash, in unison. You would only need 5V or less, but more current.

Neopixels are connected in parallel, when it comes to power. But they are controlled by a digital data line that connects them in series. This enables you to flash them independantly, together, or any way you want.

Sorry was at work so had a tiny computer screen I could not really read what I was saying but yeah flash ok so neopixels are the way to go.

Another option would be to use ordinary 5mm single colour leds and use a max7219 chip to drive them. This chip can drive up to 64 leds. Electrically the leds have to be in an 8 by 8 grid, but physically they can be arranged however you like.