Many PCA9685, power question


I will have to connect 5 PCA9685-based Adafruit servo drivers. They will be hooked together and properly addressed. Knowing that each has its power terminals, do I have to power all of them (in parallel from the same power source), or is it enough to power just the first one?

I don’t remember if the connection wires include power (+ and GND).


You would not be wrong to run parallel power wires to each driver.

How much current carrying capacity does fat trace have (like the V+ trace that runs through all the servo blocks)? Probably a lot.
What servos are you hooking up?

And, we simply HAVE to know, what are you doing with that many servos?
Pics when you get there!

There will be 70 servos controlling 70 turnouts in a model railroad layout. Not mine (my layout is ok with only one Adafruit as there are 15 turnouts), that nightmare belongs to my cousin.

Powering PCA9685 boards has been discussed recently here.