Many Potentiometers, few pins - Help me help myself!

Hey guys!

Situation: Basically I'm trying to use many Potentiometers with as little pins on the arduino as possible, kinda like a Shift Register works but the other way round.. with pots.

Problem: I tried and tried googling how to do this, but I simply don't know what to search for exactly, so if anybody can point me in the right direction - that would be awesome. Alternatively links or suggestions would be great, too!

Thanks for any help in advance,

Use analogue switches, this project shows you how to start with this:-

First step - re-think on why you need so many potentiometers.

There are nowadays other ways of doing things.

Do you need each pot on its own set of pins?

I'd suggest an analog switch chip, such as DG408 or DG409.
Can then read one at a time using analogRead().

What is your application that needs many (how many) pots, what do you want the controller to do with these inputs?

Can you draw a diagram of what you are trying to do?

Tom.... :slight_smile:

One suspects another dead end.