Many sensors and an LED/LCD

I wanna build a setup that can take in data from various sensors (listed below), and display them preferably on an LCD and otherwise on an LED-matrix. I am worried that the sensors + the display might surpass the amount of current the arduino can supply.

The sensors used are:
Temperature and Humidity sensor (DHT11)
Photoresistor (10kOhm resistor)
Piezo capsule for pressure (PKM17EPP-4001-B0)

The displays are:
16x2 LCD (The one included in the arduino starter kit)
8x8 LED-matrix (MAX7219CNG)

Yes, you will need to power the LCD and LEDs seperately.

A single MAX7219 LED matrix will not over-tax an Arduino given that you are powering it from the USB line or a regulated 5 V supply.

Just realise that the regulator in the Arduino when powered from Vin or the "barrel jack" is useless for anything more than the Arduino itself and a few 20 mA LEDs or maybe a 1602 or 2004 alphanumeric LCD.

Have you tried looking up of measuring the individual current draws from the components, then
adding them up?