many "unused-parameter/variable" errors when using version 1.8.9 libraries

While using version 1.5.8 on Mac OS X I created a header file "compiler_settings.h" to increase the error/warning reporting. I learned that by ordering the built-in and other includes before "compiler_settings.h" followed by my includes I could avoid all the warnings/errors from the libraries I didn't write. With version 1.8.9 on an Arduino ordering the includes no longer allows me to avoid the errors/warning in the libraries I didn't write. I started fixing the libraries I didn't write but the number of errors/warnings seems to be increasing because as I fix one error/warning, it uncovers other errors/warnings.

I've looked at the preferences (both dialog & in "preferences.txt") but I can't find a preference I need to change. Of course I don't really know what I'm looking for either.

Is there a way to compile my code with one set of compiler settings and everything else with the default compiler settings? I'd really not have to resort to using makefiles if I don't have to.

Thanks, JoeSz.