Map Arduino Motor shield jumper connections to schematic

Hi folks, I am trying to map the jumpers needed on an Arduino Motor Shield (AMS) when connecting to a UNO for DCC++ purposes to the motor shield schematic. Specifically, P12 and P13 on the MS schematic P10 - Uno generated DCC signal to control programming track P12 - controls output direction of channel B on the AMS P5 - Uno generated DCC signal to main ops track

P13 - controls output direction of channel A on the AMS

I am in early learning mode. I am trying to correlate the Pin values so I can find corresponding Pins on a different motor shield so I can add jumper accordingly. At this point, I am only concerned about the programming track. On the AMS jump P10--P12. So, on my other motor shield, I assume I have to jump P10--? I think it is P2 based on the schematic of the other motor shield connecting M1 as the prog. track.

When I apply the change in Arduino IDE to DCCpp_Uno.h file, it compiles and uploads. When I launch decoder pro, and click identify to find the decoder, it found a decoder, but it was for DCC concepts and my decoder is factory installed SoundTraxx Econami (EMD SD9). Is it correct to assume that JMRI found the loco and my pin connections are correct?

My primary objective is to ensure the base station can indeed communicate to the loco. ANy and all help, steer, advice would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance Steve