map overflow error?

I'm puzzled with the results of the map function:

uint16_t result = map(46340, 0, 46340, 0, 46340);

returns 46340 as expected

uint16_t result = map(46341, 0, 46341, 0, 46341);

returns 19196
can someone explain what's going on?

map() returns a long integer, with maximum value 2,147,483,647.

map() returns a long integer.

    long result = map(46341, 0, 46341, 0, 46341);

returns -46340

it seems there's some kind of overflow there

What is the value of 463412?

thanks, I'll just use my custom map function:

uint32_t mymap(uint32_t x, uint32_t in_min, uint32_t in_max, uint32_t out_min, uint32_t out_max) {
    return (x - in_min)*(out_max - out_min)/(in_max - in_min) + out_min;

mymap(46341, 0, 46341, 0, 46341); // returns 46341

it seems to work with unsigned args

Floats would work, and handle negative values as well.

I have never found the Arduino map function to be useful.

thanks for the help! :wink:

long map(long x, long in_min, long in_max, long out_min, long out_max)
  return (x - in_min) * (out_max - out_min) / (in_max - in_min) + out_min;

Since in_min and out_min are both zero, the numerator is "x * out_max". That overflows the 'long' when both are 46341.

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