How would one go about making a map? Example on games their is a small map on the bottom of the screen for navigation. Once the map is made how would I go about making it interact with the Arduino board sketch/code. I would like to if possible make it from scratch not a map making engine. lol Thanks in advance and sorry for meh grammar ^^ also not GPS just a offline map ^^

The Arduino is not a good platform for this.

Most Arduino displays are small and low resolution. The Arduino has very limited ram (2k) for most versions. CPU speeds are relatively low 16Mhz for most boards.

An Arduino is a "MicroController" board not a general purpose computer. It excels at connectivity to the real world, but this doesn't seem to be a requirement in your project

I was kinda just wondering if there would be a way to make a map using C. And then have the A-board react to that map. :( Im new to all things tho and was not sure if it was possible without some kinda graphics software/ you pay they make it stuff :(

If you had external SD card etc and were willing to have slow graphics updates to the map, I suspect its technically possible, but would not give a very good result.

And you'd need to be a very proficient programmer to undertake such a project