maple mini working temperature??

Hello just a fast question abut maple mini

How much temperature rise are normal i have 25C inside now and i measure 33C on the top of the pcb so the ic itself are probably a bit warmer then that, before i start to let this run for weeks i want to know if is normal??

What part of the board is getting hot? The MCU shouldn't be unless you're using it to source or sink a bunch of current on it's IO pins, but other things may.

In any event, you're far from a problematic temperature - most stuff (including the MCU itself) is spec'ed from -40 to 85 C (and there's an automotive version spec'ed up to 105)

the mcu are mounted on the underside of the pcb and i have it on a breadboard so i cant measure directly on the mcu, its the pcb right over where the mcu is that is getting warm.

I do not think its sinking alot the whole project takes only around 60 ma ,maple mini, nrf24l01, big 204 lcd, and a i2c module to drive it, i know the i2c pins are 5v tolerant but just in case i have a level converter too, so i cant see where the problem might be.

I am using the maple files from this forum, do i need to set the i2c pins to output input pull-up or something?

I have a Maple mini sitting on the bench doing nothing, and its reading 28 deg, and my ambient temperature in the room is 23 deg,

ie. its 5 deg above ambient

... and all mine is doing is blinking the LED once a second.

Yours is 8 degrees above ambient and its doing a whole load of other stuff, so its not surprising its 3 degrees hotter than mine in comparable conditions

Look at the spec on the processor

Its well within its operating range.


If I run the board directly with the MPU on the bench, I get over 29 deg


You would probably have been better off posting to the STM32 / mini maple thread.

OK thanks a lot i will let it run on then.