Mapping 64x32 led module with arduino

Hello guys,

I'm having trouble finding something similar, i'm trying to map a 64x32 led module with an arduino mega. Im trying to stream live images from my computer to the module via wifi but i cannot find anything similar to base of my project.

the components that im using are an arduino mega, esp8266 wifi module (ESP-01), MB-102 and a Matrix module 64x32 P4

Multiplexed I assume?
Which mux frequency do you have in mind? How much current per LED for that frequency?

I would imagine the mega is the weakest component and probably not fast enough for this task, especially connected to the esp-01 by a slow serial line. An esp8266 or an esp32 module would be a better choice to replace the mega, and would simplify things in some ways. But for something like this I would look at raspberry Pi of some kind, like a zero-W. Perhaps someone has used one of these to drive a similar display?

How is the matrix connected to the mega? Also is it multicolored?