Mapping Icosahedron - Changing ws2812b LED strip sequence order

I have 30 ws2812b strips connected in sequence, 17 pixels per strip (510 in total) that trace a 3D icosahedron in a chaotic order. Everything working fine.

I am a noob. I want to know if I can change the sequence of the strips so that say a cylon, follows a particular sequence and does not follow the sequential order of the strips, so that a pattern can trace the shape in a geometrical manner or begin at multiple strips simultaneously.

For example:

strip 1: 1 ----> 17
strip 2: 18 ----> 34
strip 3: 170 ----> 187
strip 4: 187 -----> 204


Sorry Im dumb

Yes of course you can. :grinning:

You just have to code it.

Have you done any coding with these LED strips so far?

Thanks for the reply, only basic stuff, I am not fluent in arduino code whatsoever.

I can use fastLED and make basic changes but that's it essentially.