Marble Clock

Hello dear friend. August 29, 2019
Can you get an accurate schedule for the Arduino program for this Marble Clock, by Görkem BOZKURT? With a minimal explanation of how to reset the clock, for those who do not understand the computer and the special Arduino software.
I'm done building the watch and I don't know how to turn it on.
Amiram Barnea

A link to whatever it is that you're talking about might be helpful.


Marble Clock video

@amibar3: For informed help, please read and follow the instructions in the "How to use this forum" post.

Have you compiled the sketch on the instructables link?

It looks like it simply runs the stepper motor at a constant speed.

Have you ever used an arduino? If not, it might be a good idea to start with the Blink tutorial.

Thanks to the friends who answered me ..
Because I am from the previous generation (71 years old) and I have no knowledge of computers, (I am very good at modeling), and although I tried to understand Arduino software, it did not work for me, probably the brain cells were filled with other issues.
I've been trying to find an answer of my problem' in all over the internet, and since I didn't find it, I turned to this forum for help.
I ask help solving a specific problem I have, to write a program to run a step-type engine with a UNO Arduino controller.
28BYJ-48 DC 5V Reduction Step Motor ULN2003 Gear Stepper Motor 4 Phase Step Motor for arduino
The watch is built for this engine (this is the recommendation of the member who published the watch plans).

I am very grateful to anyone who can write this program for me.
Amiram Barnea.

If you want to have someone write a program for you, there is a section of this forum specifically geared toward you. It is Gigs and Collaborations. You can negotiate the price with the forum members there.

But why do that? The code to run the stepper motor is on the instructables page.

If you want help from the forum members here (absolutely free of charge!) then we will be happy to help.
A good first step will be for you to go download the Blink tutorial, push it to your arduino and see the on board LED blink. I even go so far as to modify the delay parameters and push it to the arduino again, and see the LED blink at a different rate.

This will confirm that you have the IDE installed properly.
It will confirm that your computer can talk to your arduino.
It will confirm that you can successfully push a sketch to your board and see it successfully execute there.
It will confirm that you can change the code of the sketch and see the new behavior during execution.

These are all steps that you must be able to do if you are to use an arduino.
And we can help you if you run into problems at any step.

Do this, without worrying about the stepper motor for now.
After you do this, we can tackle the next step.

Thank you.
I will try to follow your recommendations, and very much hope to succeed.
If I am unable to do so, I will ask for paid help from the forum members, as requested.
Thank you.
Amiram Barnea.