Mario Star counter with push button and sound

Hi folks, I'm running a Mario themed party and I want to build a device for the party that I think Arduino will help with. The basic idea is to build a big Mario coin that incorporates some simple electronics:

  1. An LED counter display (large)
  2. A large button for people to push
  3. A loud-ish speaker
  4. Battery powered

I would like the electronics to be a simple counter from 00-99. Each time the button is pressed a sound is played and counter counts up. When the button is pressed on 99 a special sound is played and the counter resets to 00.

The game will be that someone has to go around and collect 'coins' which are button presses from the general public. This man may or may not be dressed as Princess Peach and may or may not be getting married the next weekend... :slight_smile:

Anyway if anyone has some general advice on how you would approach this project I would love to hear the feedback. Have you got any recommended boards or other hardware?

Many thanks in advance, I will happily be sharing the project with the community once I've built it.

To make the sounds you will need a wave shield.
How big is big for the LED display? This will determine the battery voltage you need as some big displays have several LEDs in series and you need enough voltage to drive them.

I would like the whole device to family pizza sized. I'm imagining 5cm x 5cm for the display size. It would be good if it was fairly readable in the sun light.

So find the part you want for your display, down load it's data sheet and see what voltage it needs.

I'm thinking this one, it's 5v max.

That link seems to be down, it just sits saying it is loading but never progresses.

Strange, here is the product on the site, plus the link in case it got pasted incorrectly.