marking a topic 'SOLVED"

I figured out a solution to a couple of posts i had made, and explained the solutions in reply's marked SOLVED.
while the 'Solved' showed up in the reply header, it doesn't in the made category.

it seems like everybody else has figured this out but me. how do i let people know they can find a solution to my issue ?

Edit your original post, not a later one in the topic

Try it out on this topic :slight_smile:

let's see

hmmm. the only place i could see to reply to the original post was up above it. that didn’t work.

Don't reply to the original post. Select the "More" link bottom/right of the actual original post and modify the title of it

Under your opening post us a link 'more' and under it an 'modify' option. Use that and you have the option to add "solved" or something like that.