Marlin Configuration.H Auto-bed Leveling Editing on Arduino Page

Hi! I am trying to open a page with the Marlin Configuration.H code for Auto Bed-leveling. Arduino will only read it's own sketches or an *.ino or *.pde file. I tried save my edits to the code in NotePad with and .ino exstention, but the Arduiono page still will not open it. I need to change the firmware on the Audrino attached in use on my MakereFarm Prusa.

How do I do this? I thought all I had to do was make the code changes, cable up the MakerFarm to my desktop and flash it forward.

How do I do this all in the most efficient way?

What do you mean by "the Arduino page" ?

Are you trying to modify part of the Marlin code and then compile and upload everything to your Uno? Can you compile and upload the original (unchanged) code?

Post a link to the source of the Marlin code you are using.