Masquerade masks

I've started to work on this project. The plan is to have blinking lights on the masks. Also to have them interact with each other and also the wearers.

I've got a rough heart rate monitor going and up next I'm going to add a blink sensor. So when you blink, your mask will show a light pattern.

I'm posting it in case someone wants to collaborate or if anybody has any suggestions or ideas.

Some progress inventorArtist » Masquerade Masks

website down, plus main domain links to the full link?

I just tried the link and its working.

I didn't get your second comment:

main domain links to the full link?

Can you run that by me again please?

it works now but when i tried the link it didn't work (link down). Then i tried the main domain name in case it was a broken link and the main domain pointed to the link you posted (like a redirect). anyway works now

okay, thanks