Mass deployment of Arduino application

Al all

Apologies if this thread is in the wrong place (i have searched around)

I've been asked to deploy the Arduino application to over 100 PCs i a school.

I've packaged the software using some snapshot software, but i seem to have an issue with the driver. At present, when a student (with a restricted account) plugs in the usb cable+board...the driver installation starts but then quickly fails (reporting the driver can't be found)

Has anyone else on here done a deployment to multiple computers, but with the end users have restricted (non admin level) accounts?

Many thanks

With no admin level you won’t be able to install the drivers. You got to talk to the administrator and make him allow to install the drivers.

I think its the setting in the OS that is not allowing the installations of the program actually theres an option that people can check that do not allow users leaving admin to install any stuff on the system so that needs to be waved off most probably.