Master data is not updating in slave continously

I am using two uno boards one as master and another as slave. master contains sensor datas and it will send the data to slave via I2C . At starting the slave displays the correct temperature but when the temperature changes during communication it doesnot updating itself with new data.
I have attached my codes

I have attached my codes

You have not attached your codes - you have attached pictures of the code. Don’t post pictures of text, just copy and paste the text.

And please post your code between [code] [/code] tags so your code looks like thisand is easy to copy to a text editor or the Arduino IDE. See How to use the Forum


The master sends to values to the slave - a byte (that is constant) and an int (only the low order byte will be sent).

On the slave, you pretend that the byte is an int and that the int (which is only a byte) is a float.

Before we get into why your code doesn't do what you want, you need to reconcile these issues.

write() writes ONE byte. read() reads ONE byte. Pretending otherwise is a waste of time.