master newbie needs any help I can get

Hi everyone, I'm a master electrician by trade (controls) and logic. So when I started component building I had a grip. Now PIC programming and its required uploads is proven harder than getting lost in the Amazon Jungle....... I learn as I go so I just need a kick in the pants to get me going, these PICS remind me of PLC programming for industrial motor control, just way smarter and smaller loads. I purchased the Arduino Micro, I thought I downloaded and uploaded the right way but wasn't sure so went into controls and deleted the Arduino to start from scratch with you guys who are the pros. Can someone please help me get started? Right now I have a breadboard with the Micro plugged in and it's power and data come from the USB port on the back of my PC and routes to the mini USB connection on the unit. Please someone help, I keep my hair short and don't wanna pull anymore out. Thanks in advance, Jim

void setup (); // voids previous sketch pin Mode (13, OUTPUT); // selects pin to be used and its I/O } void loop (){ // continues program forever unless changed digital Write (13, HIGH); // tells the PIC which state to start with delay (1000); // tells the PIC how long the chosen state will be on high digital Write (13, LOW); // tells the PIC which state to change to delay (1000); // tells the PIC how long in ms the state should be, same as above } // ends program

My question is: If I wanted to add more writing, can it be done before or after end }

The best way is to start using the examples that are shipped with the Arduino IDE. You can find these under the menu sequence:

File --> Examples

Study those and try to figure out how each on works.


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I wrote these lessons for people who have a learning style similar to mine: learn as much as possible with as little change to the physical circuit as possible.