Master Slave functionality using RX and TX terminals

If I had two arduino's and hooked the TX on one to the RX on the other then did the same on the other Arduino. Would I get functionality that way? So for example if I did Serial.Write on either the opposing arduino would follow suit?

I don't really understand what you are asking.

You can certainly use the Tx and Rx pins to communicate between two Arduinos. Normally, however, the Tx and Rx pins on an Uno are used for communicating with the PC and for uploading programs.

You could use SoftwareSerial to communicate on a different pair of pins.

And you are correct to assume that Tx needs to connect to Rx and Rx to Tx. You also need a GND connection between the two Arduinos.


Yes, you can use the serial bwetween two Arduino. Be sure to connect GND as well. And keep in mind that the other Arduino now talks to the Arduino instead of the computer. So you can't program. But as long as the other arduino (the one you don't want to program) is kept in reset (link between GND and RST) you should be able to program just fine.

But there is no magic involved, you still have to tell the receiving Arduino how to parse the data and what to do with it.