Master to Multi-slave I2C communication with filtered data read for each slave

I've not too much exposure to pointer-based Arduino programming.
I was thinking of sending 10,8,6,5000 through serial UART of the master device
& read it on three slave devices as for
slave1 variable a=10, b=5000
slave2 variable a=8, b=5000
slave3 variable a=6, b=5000
Can anyone please guide me.
Thanks a lot.

It looks like you need to parse the incoming message into separate variables or elements of an array by splitting it at the commas, for which the strtok() function will be useful, and then send the relevant variables/array elements to the slaves

Is that what you want/need ?

As to reading and saving the message in the first place, have a look at Serial input basics - updated which also has an example of using strtok()