I am hoping to make a version of a mastermind code breaker game that I found but here is the catch. I would like instead of pushing a button to cycle through colors to hit a key on a toy xylophone and use a mic reading the frequency of that key to select what color to enter.

I’ll post the link to the project that I found, I am pretty beginner with arduino. No problems soldering and physically building the pieces but the layout and especially the coding I need help.

Thanks for any input you guys have

Here is the project with the actual game including it's code

Recognising one frequency from a range is not a simple beginners project. It involves using rapid sampling and using some complex software called an FFT.

Did you ever complete this project? I am also trying to accomplish a similar design with sound input and then outputs the colors/ speed of a motor based on mastermind principles of trying to match a computers sequence of notes/ rhythm/ attack etc.

I completed Mastermind :slight_smile: