Match people with developers

Would people have any interest in a section here where people who have ideas they don’t know how to implement could be matched up with developers who have some spare time or don’t have any projects of their own to work on. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who would like working on a project that catches their interest but they might not have thought of on their own.

Absolutely great idea. I’m new here , have never done any real programming. I’m starting from scratch, and I’m sloooow.
I’m into interfacing/designing musical instruments, I like thinking of affordable but ergonomic designs with the least amount of hardware. I often use obsolete, salvaged recycled materials ( driven by both interest and lack of money I confess). Also I like the mechanical tinkering more so than the programming and I nearly detest the soldering (doing circuitbending before getting into Arduino). I have way too many non working projects.
My focus is on live improvisation , MIDI and sound mangling.

I’m in the Netherlands. I’d like being matched with a someone that likes building circuits but doesn’t like making housings.
I have some RGB screenswitches on order ( and drooling over the OLED touch screens. Someone near me needs something from the site and wants to order together? The shipping rates from the US to Europe are usually outrageous!!

Now for the native speakers…

Dus, Arduino geluid en MIDI knutselaars, reageer snel. Ik ga liefst volgende week bij liquidware mijn bestelling plaatsen. Gewoon lekker een beetje bomen is ook leuk. Dit is tenslotte de Bar Sport afdeling, toch.


I am from The Netherlands too :wink: But not doing anything with sound and midi, anyway good luck in finding a match.

I think this is a good idea! I am interested in things you can do with Arduino and is radio control related. It was a great joy to see what Jordi achieved with his Arduino!