Matching a switch

Hi folks - my father has a board that he had someone make for him many years ago and I'm trying to replicate it for him now to make some updates.

I have the original schematic files from Eagle and the board itself, but I'm having difficulty figuring out one of the parts.

In particular, a switch - below is a picture of the switch itself, and the back of the board. It appears to have 6 pins (in a 2x3 config). I believe it's SPST.

In Kicad the footprint is listed as UMT-S but I can't find that as a listing anywhere on to pointers. Even something that gets me close.



Are there any markings or part # or mfg name on the switch ?

It appears to be DPDT but it doesn’t appear that both poles are used. There is probably a useful number on one side.

Something like this:

Need to know if it maintained, momentary, etc. so have a look at the DigiKey parametric search tool to drill down on the possibilities.

You're not even close.
The switch the op is looking for is a momentary pushbutton DPDT

Not to point out the obvious but when someone makes a pcb they are supposed to have a BOM or parts list that is saved in the same folder with the CAD file.

(mainly because a pcb is useless without a parts list unless the parts are all generic)