Matching brace/paren feature enhancement

the older IDE will tell you what the function is if you highlight the matching end brace, when the match is off the screen. 2.0 beta only highlights the match so when the function is long, you have to watch as you scroll to find out where it actually is matching. Perhaps bring the feature back, or say what line the match occurs on. Line number information would be better, since that would work in upwards or downwards direction, if you have to choose between the two methods.

Hi @bruceret. Thanks for your suggestions!

It is shown here:

I think it's actually a bit of an improvement over the classic Arduino IDE's system because it is shown no matter where inside the function the cursor is at, so you don't need to position it at the closing bracket.

I installed beta-12 and see it now. I was running 11, and probably just missed it.
Nice feature, but it really tells you what function you are in. That is very useful when scrolling through the code.

However, if you highlight a brace in some block of code and the matching brace is off the screen, it still just says what function you are in. Line numbers would be a big plus for those long blocks.

Here is a screenshot of the IDE1.8 version showing an, internal to the main function, loop with the block name for the matching brace.


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