Materia 101 Projects

Hello everyone,

I'm really interested about the Materia 101, but I'm having difficulties to find projects that were done with it. Maybe there is a place on Arduino website where I can see more of it? Please let me know! Also, can you post your projects for me to see what is possible to do with the Materia 101? I'm curious about how far we can go in complexity with the print design. I'm new in 3D printing :).

Many thanks!


Take a look to

You will find tips and some examples made with Materia101.

If you are looking for things or designs that can be made with a personal 3d printer like Materia 101, see the portal There are thousands of designs that you can download and print.

Regards, Jose.

Thanks for your links, this is very interesting and useful :slight_smile: .

I am doing some tutorials for the Materia101 and I would like to know what people would like to do with the machine?

Would you like to learn how to cad something?

Or are you more interested in the right settings to use in different situations?

I'd love to have a troubleshooting section/tutorial, especially for firmware errors like MINTEMP/MAXTEMP. Also, helping with the right slic3r settings for the various situations would be great, but this is not so important.

Hi Kristoffer,

I’ve used my Materia 101 printer so far for the follow creations:

  • handy stuff like cable holders, an iPhone stand, jacket hook
  • replacements for broken knobs, switches and cover plates for home appliances
  • motor brackets, sliders holders, switchplates and other mechanical parts for a self-made 3d syringe printer
  • and as tinkerer I’ve also made plates to stabalize an Arduino Uno, Arduino MEGA and RAMPS and board

In the nearby future I intent to also start exploring:

  • stuff for robotics and smal electronics project
  • art based on fractals and data sets collected by various sensors
  • and where possible also handy stuff for daily life

My areas of interest would be the following

  • how to setup an efficient process to design, slide and print things (Thinkercad > Slic3r > Materia 101)
  • how the various printer parameter settings will influence the results (speed, nozzle, infill, …)
  • software tools that might be handy : Inkscape, Thinkercad, Cura
  • how to implement usefull additions: auto bed levelling, heat-bed, 2nd extruder
  • I’ve installed Octoprint to access the Materia 101 remotely and view progress by a WebCam
  • how to ‘hack’ the Materia 101 and enable external devices to report progress
  • option to for example extend functionality by placement of a power-LED laser for some laser etching

Manuals and description on the following would be highly appreciated

  • simple step-by-step manual on the process to design>slice>print
  • configuration.h file and which parameters are relevant for the Materia 101
  • maintenance on clearing the extruder, extruder engine, bearings and sliders
  • protocol to get and push data to the Materia 101 USB port… like Pronterface

You efforts would be highly appreciated.
Many thanks in Advance,