Materia 101 Slic3r settings

I've created a fork of the Materia101 Git to upload changes to the machine and Slic3r profiles.

If you feel like sharing your settings with the rest of the community you can post them here in this this thread or I can add you to the GIT if you feel like contributing to the development of the machine.

If the settings are good and we test them I hope to include them in the next firmware update.

The syntax that I use is the following for print settings: name_of_printer quality support_or_no_support layerheight perimeters fill Horisontal_filled_layers_top horsontal_filled_layers_bottom

For example: Materia Medium support 015z 2p 40f HST4 HSB4 or perhaps: Materia Medium nosupport 015z 2p 40f HST4 HSB4

This is the syntax I use for making filament settings: Name_of_Printer Name of material Speed

For example: Materia101 PLA medium

This is the GIT

About the printer bed, it is currently set to 140 by 100 mm, but shouldn't it be 140 by 110?

No. size is correct on the GIT.

The printable area of the materia is (x,y,z) 140x100x100 mm

In the printer profile on the git the bedsize is set in this line of code: bed_size = 140,100 X being 140 mm and Y 100 mm

The maximum movement of the printhead on the Materia is: X: 145 mm Y: 135 mm