material selectment

i want to make a follow me drone. which processor shall i use. i need complete guidance .please help

Considering you have no clue what you're up to, the best advice I can give you for now: make sure you have a very good insurance.
Next: start researching "follow me drone", starting with a Google search, and come to terms with the skills you need (and probably don't have yet) to pull it off.

'Drones' can be dangerous.

If you need 'complete guidance' to build one then you probably dont have the skills or experience to build one that is safe to fly.

As well as being dangerous a basic drone without any "follow me" capability is a very complex thing - both hardware and software.

If you are new to Arduinos start with something simple - get yourself an Uno and work through the example programs that come with the Arduino IDE.

And read as many Threads on this Forum as you can make time for. They will all have something useful for a beginner - especially seeing how other people tackle projects.