Math Alarm Clock


It has been a while in the making, mainly collecting dust, but I finally finished the project. It is a math alarm clock that prompts the user a math problem which they have to solve to be able to snooze. I got the idea back in college from a blog post from Nick Johnson:

Attached is the code. I am sure there are a great number of improvements but I am happy for now with ‘operational’. If you have any comments or thoughts on the code or comments in general I’d be happy to hear them.

I used the Ardiuno pro mini, lcd display, voltage regulator, adafruit RTC, and a speaker from a toy phone. In the pic I was programming it with a Deumilanove. I mounted the clock in a butter dish for a container. (walked around in the dollar store forever before I decided that was the best thing.)

MathAlarmRTC_v2_2.pde (12.2 KB)

How to enter the answer?

There are five buttons for interface. Mode cycle, alarm on/off, hours/plus, minutes/minus, and snooze/enter. Once the alarm goes off the clock displays a problem, hit the snooze button to start 'solving time', which turns off the tone. Then you change the displayed incorrect answer with the plus and minus buttons. Once you think you have the right answer hit the snooze button again, if the problem is right the clock goes to snooze, if the problem is wrong it sounds the tone.

This is truely great, that's exactly what I need! Is there any way to get the schematics? frix.