Math Error in Code

I am using an Arduino Uno r3 and Kit-On-A-Shield. I am getting a math error I can't figure out when running the program. Below is the code and a couple of the outputs:

/*Upload this code, open the serial monitor window
and the ambient temperature will be displayed.

Put your finger on the Kit-on-a-Shields LM34 temp
sensor, to see if it changes the temperature reading.
(If it doesn't change, you may be a vampire.)

void setup() {

Serial.println("Temperature Test");

void loop() {

float tempValue = analogRead(A4);
float degFahr = 0;
float degCent = 0;
float c1 = 32;
float c2 = 1.8;
Serial.print ("Temp Raw: ");
Serial.println (tempValue);
Serial.print ("Temp In Fahrenheit: ");
degFahr = Serial.println ((tempValue * .0048) / .010);
Serial.print ("Temp in Kelvin: ");
Serial.println (((tempValue * .0048) / .010) + 273.15);
Serial.print ("Temp in Centigrade: ");
Serial.println ((degFahr-c1)/c2);
// Serial.println (degFahr-32)/1.8);
Serial.println ();


Temp Raw: 154.00
Temp In Fahrenheit: 73.92
Temp in Kelvin: 347.07
Temp in Centigrade: -13.89

Temp Raw: 155.00
Temp In Fahrenheit: 74.40
Temp in Kelvin: 347.55
Temp in Centigrade: -13.89

The first output for Temp in Centigrade should be: 23.28, NOT -13.89.

What's wrong here???

degFahr = Serial.println ((tempValue * .0048) / .010);

Serial.print sends data out the serial line. It returns the number of bytes sent. So this is setting your temperature to the number of bytes sent when it sends the result of that calculation. I doubt that is what you want.

You probably want:

degFahr = (tempValue * .0048) / .010;

Since degFahr is getting a bad value, later when you calculate centigrade from it you are getting a bad value.

Thank you so much! That fixed it!