Matlab-Arduino UNO

Dear Guiders,

I am trying to use Arduino UNO via matlab. The installation looks to be fine on both sides. I could able to use Arduino UNO via C/C++.

When I am trying to use Matlab, I am having this error message.

Error using basicscript (line 5)
No Arduino hardware is found on port COM6. If using
an official Arduino board, make sure it is plugged
in. Otherwise, please specify both port and board
type. For more information, see the arduino function
reference page.

I set the port according to Device manager. The Arduino UNO looks to be supporting Matlab. So I am not sure about the problem.

Would be great to hear your comments and solutions.

Thank you, Reddy.

install the arduino ide, that will install the arduino drivers and should then recognise the board when you plug it in.

restart the pc after installing the ide.

If the Ide is already installed?? i have problems using an alternative ide which required an earlier version of the arduino ide installed than i was running with, maybe the simulink s/w istn compatable with the ide version you currently have installed??