Matlab to Arudino Coding


I am unsure how to converting matlab code to C code. I have tried using matlab coder but it refuses to converting the following lines of code:

step_A_amp_norm= normalize(kevin_abs_accel1, 'range');

r1= xcorr(avged_data,samples2xcorr_try1);

Appreciate any guidance thank you

YOU will need to write the code which will perform the same function as Matlab's normalize(), linspace(), xcorr().
As for plot(), how do you propose to that?

That is what I am asking I do not the equivalents and can't find what the equivalent would be. I have seen methods to do cross correlation, however it is not exactly the same. One I remember is more best fit and root mean square method.

You know what the MATLAB functions do, because they are very well documented, so you write C/C++ code that does the same thing.