Matrix Circuit Setup and coding question

I have the hardware part of this project 95% complete... now to work on the software and circuitry.

Could someone please verify that this matrix is wired correctly? I have a mini joystick, a 5 way hat switch, 3 buttons, and a momentary rocker switch. I believe a 2x5 matrix covers everything.

I will being using a pro micro for this project. My second issue is that this project is way over my head for coding. Can anyone recommend some good videos that would explain coding for a button box? I've been watching general videos to get an understanding of the code for the components, but I have no idea how to get from Readouts to getting the components to work in the game.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Nobody can verify a schematic with mystery wires leading off the page. Also what is that "ABC" switch symbol, was it custom made? It's not useful because it's ambiguous how it operates. I think it goes without saying, you should not obliterate labeling with a wire... you did that 3 times.

Seriously misguided. Code is learned from study guides, tutorials, reference documents, and lots of interaction with those. Code is not a movie, a movie won't help you learn it very much. Especially, the specialized information about a particular function you want to implement. You'll never find it anyway, unless it's something that lots and lots of people have already done (but then you can find projects and source code for it anyway).

What happens when you search for "Arduino button box" on YT?

The "ABCD/Common/Center" is the 5 way hat switch, I pulled that from the supplier. Linked below.

I have updated the picture with pin locations on the Pro micro.

Can you explain what this circuit does? How the various switches operate?

I am not looking for a step by step tutorial of exactly how to do what I want. I am looking for similar concepts and ideas others have done. If I YT "Arduino button box" a ton of DIY button boxes come up. Some their code, but the issue is the explanation of what it does and why it is needed.

Arduino provided a learning path for new programmers. Follow the numerous tutorials and example sketches to learn.

The joystick has 2 potentiometers and a switch, the 3 push buttons are switches, the 5 way nav is basically a button with 5 switches, and the rocker is basically 2 switches.

I'm not sure I completely understand what you are asking

Please explain how your circuit works. How else would anyone know if it is "correct"? Did you design it?

From how I understand it, If I press the first pushbutton on the left, it will send a signal to digital 5 and A1 so that the game knows which button I pressed. Same goes for everything else. If I joystick to the left, it sends a signal to digital 2 and A1.

No, that is not how switches work. They can't "send" anything. They can only complete a circuit.

So, did you design it?

by completing the circuit you are essentially sending a signal to do an action

You may not have a circuit. :slight_smile:

now I'm confused, what is missing?

Your answer. #9 and #11.

I commented before your edit...

I designed this based off examples of others I found. I have not found an example with a joystick or a 5 way nav switch, so I tried to figure that out on my own. Maybe it is 100% garbage and wrong, that is why I asked.

Please post the entire sketch so we can see how the pins are interfaced...

What voltage source have you got connected to "RAW" in your diagram?

Is this what you are talking about? I feel like it isn't

Correct. I'm asking for your code. But that is an improvement to the diagram...