Matrix is Mirrored(cathode vs anode matrix)

So i believe the code and wiring I am using from ElsniWiki : Arduino Led Matrix is for a common cathode matrix.. but I have a common anode(or opposite of whatever they have)... the code example there is the best example I have been able to find for LED matrix scrolling etc but my issue is since my matrix is opposite wiring the rows/cols are mirrored effectively turning and mirroring the text ect. I have tried everything I can think of to rectify this issue with no result.. can someone tell me how to modify the code(located in the cpp file on that page) to make my matrix appear correctly without having to modify every single character they have already defined? or perhaps even an easy way to swap the characters to give a better idea of my issue this is a lowercase "h" from that code...

// -------- h

this is what I would need to change it to to display on my matrix(still rotated 90 degrees tho which isn't ideal but passable)

// -------- h

so the word the is showing up as

instead of

I am also open to another library that does it better etc and I do have the Matrix they use in that page and it works flawless but I wanted a larger one and when i ordered them they are the opposite wiring(:frowning: my bad)

also worth mentioning is the AS1106/1107 is a clone of Max7219

Reverse the order of the Anode or Cathode pins should cure the mirroring problem. Example Anode 4,7,2,8,12,1,14,9 becomes 9,14,1,12,8,2,7,4. You may have to try both to see what works best.

To fix the rotation problem is easy if your happy to rotate the LED matrix by 90 degrees and a lot more complex if you don't want to rotate it in code. To rotate in code would mean re-defining the entire font and the the code to place it on the matrix. You would also need to write new routines to scroll text.

Its mirrored in the X and Y, so reverse either both the pin matricies (for row and col), or reverse the wiring for row and col (e.g. pin 1 and pin 8 swap, pin 2 and 7 swap and so on).