matrix transpose error when i was generating matrix from real time data

I have used the below code

int jaco[4][3];
void setup(){

void loop(){

  int jacotran[3][4];
 int i,j;
for (i=0;i<4;i++){
Matrix.Transpose((float*)jaco,4,3,(float *)jacotran);
Matrix.Print((float *)jaco,4,3,"jacotran");


Did you have a question? You realise it's quite dangerous to assume an "int" and "float" are the same size?

krishn: I have used the below code ...

int jaco[4][3];
Matrix.Transpose((float*)jaco,4,3,(float *)jacotran);
Matrix.Print((float *)jaco,4,3,"jacotran");

English is not my mother language, but as far as I know "transpose a matrix" means something like "mirroring".

So if you have initially a 4x3 maxtrix, you will have a 3x4 matrix after transposing.

I don't know anything about the magic that is done by the library you are using, but perhaps after transposing the matrix you might have to reverse the maxtrix dimensions in the Matrix.Print function.

Just a guess:

Matrix.Print((float *)jaco,4,3,"jacotran"); // matrix before transposing


Matrix.Print((float *)jaco,3,4,"jacotran"); // matrix after transposing

Did you already try that?

thanks for reply AWOL

i changed those int declarations to float after that i got o/p

like some small rectangle symbols at the start, after that matrix has been printed , why those rectangle symbols came at first

Can you please post whole sentences, preferably with punctuation?

Maybe post the code you've got, and what it produces, any observations . . . you know, the usual stuff to help us help you.