MAX 7219 cwg problem

I bought an MAX 7219 cwg but I realized that i can't use it in a breadboard because it's pins are very close and are not look down. This is how it looks like :

Is there any way to use it? Is there any base on which to apply the IC?

You need a surface mount breakout board - this chip's package is SOIC24 0.3" Quite a few places sell these, try searching for "SOIC24 adapter"

Alternatively this device is available in DIP packaging.

Lots of places sell adapters. I've used these before. make you get a part with the right pin spacing.

Oh yes, soldering is a little tricky - you need solder wick or a solder sucker to remove excess solder for when you over-do it. One technique that works fairly well is to wet all the pads on the adapter with solder, then tack-down two opposite corners of the chip. Once attached and checked that all the pins line up, you wet the iron, wipe it off fully, then apply to each pin carefully pushing down so it melts the solder on the pad (the wiped iron means no excess solder to bridge between pads). If in doubt re-wet and re-wipe the iron to stop oxide building up - you can also get rosin pens to help ensure enough flux is present.

This is another option