max arduinos off 1 usb port?


i looking to buy a few more arduinos and I am wondering: How many arduinos can be run from one pc usb port that has a splitter hub on the end of the cable, all externally powered by a separate 9v psu?

I need to install them inside a chassis. So i shall punch a hole for one usb port in the metal. and thought i could use a small usb hub inside the chassis to make more ports for the arduinos. ( just so there is only one usb port that needs to be punched in the chassis/aluminium)

each arduino will have 2 x pwm and the rest of the channels ins and outs. (with no analogue ins)

i just wonder how many arduinos a single usb port on a pc can take before either the line gets clogged up with data or a port blows up or melts. : P

thanks for your help.

hello thanks for your reply.

At present i use an arduino duemilanove inconjunction with max msp software. and everything works fine. i use the usb connection to comunictae with the arduino.

But now i need more channels, i thought 4 x arduinos would be a good number and i could use a 9v power supply to run them,so to take off the load on the usb cable, however i still need to connect them to the USB so i can control them from my computer. i could simply connect each one to a separate usb port on my PC , but then i would need to punch 4 holes in my project box and use 4 usb cables : / So i thought to use a 4 way splitter hub inside the project box so i only have to punch one hole and use one cable.

i am wondering if anyone else has connected multiple arduinos off a usb spitter/hub with any success ?