Max Current for hc 05 Bluetooth breakout


What's the maximum current for the hc 05 Bluetooh breakout? I know it requires 3.3v volt, but i'm not sure about the current .Can i use 2 aa battery? If yes, do i need any resistor? Thanks

If you are running the bare smd board, the stated operating voltage is 1.8 - 3.6v so a pair of AAs would be fine. If the module is on its backing board, usually with a 6-pin connector, the minimum is 3.8v as stated on the back, hence two AAs is quite a bit short. You can feed it as much current as you like, it will only take what it needs, which isn’t much. The HC-04 takes 35mA working <1mA sleeping and the HC-05 would be about the same.