Max Display Driver chip Setup-Error Msg- Arduino 4 Dummies Keypad LED Entry

I uploaded the sketch from an existing library from the Arduino Projects for Dummies Book.,navId-322496,descCd-DOWNLOAD.html

Regarding the MAX72xx, when i load the sketch i get the following error message

‘SPI’ was not declared in this scope

I don’t know why I am getting this message. Below is the section of code it is referring to…

void sendCommand(int command, unsigned char value)
digitalWrite(slaveSelect,LOW); // Chip select is active when pin is LOW
SPI.transfer(command); // Send the First byte of data to the MAX72xx
SPI.transfer(value); // Send the Second byte of data
digitalWrite(slaveSelect,HIGH); // Release the chip - signals end of data transfer

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Did you #include the SPI library in your sketch ?

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