Max ethernet cable length

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what is the maximum lenght of an ethernet cable to permit comunication beetween an arduino?

The communication between the Arduino and the Ethernet shield is not affected by the length of the ethernet cable.

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For distances greater than about 90 meters you need to use switches/hubs to break the cable into segments so the signal can be regenerated.

what is the maximum lenght of an ethernet cable

It depends on what type of cable and speed of Ethernet you are using.

There is also a differance between what is specified by the standards and what in practice works.

And Ethernet is really a communications technology and not a cable, so there are not really 'Ethernet cables' but there are cable types that can be used for Ethernet.

If your using Category 5 or 6 twisted pair cable, then the standards call for a maximum fixed cable (solid core) of 90M with 5M of patch cable (flexible core) at either end.

In general that is around the limit for 100Mbs and 1Gbs Ethernet.