max. memory limit exeeded ???

currently I develop a scatch on a micro pro ( OLED + EEPROM + ADC) which increases day by day... So far so good.
Now, when I have reached the following memory consumption:
25380Byte (82%) of prog memory max 30720
678byte (33%) of dyn. mem.
1370 Byte local var (2048 max)

If I extend now the code by 10byte, the program did not work anymore (definite not by the code itself)
Do I use already to much memory ??

Thanks for a advice

Pure adding 10 bytes can not exceed the program memory limit! This 10 bytes must have a “side effect” that can only be seen if you post your code.
A possible problem source: this 10 bytes load a library module?!

Also note: "678byte (33%) of dyn. mem." only indicates the static use of dynamic memory. Does not include memory use of functions let alone the Swiss cheese making mess of a String.

…or the OLED library’s frame-buffer