MAX/msp and Arduino BT: not communicating

Hi everyone,

I managed to get my Arduino BT to communicate with the Arduino sketchbook and managed to upload the SimpleMessageSystem code into the board. So that means the computer and the board are successfully communicating with each other through COM13.

But I can't seem to get my Arduino BT to communicate with the Max/msp patch. I keep getting the error "Error opening serial port" in the Max window. Can anyone help me?

thank you, Betty

Just a guess, but do you have the Arduino IDE open when you are trying to communicate? Only 1 program can access the serial port at a time. If that is the case, just close the Arduino IDE and give it a try.

hi digger,

I closed the Arduino IDE like you suggested and I'm still not communicating with Max. Everytime I click "print" to print all the available port in Max, I'd get port c: COM3 But my bluetooth is configure to communicate with Arduino on COM13. I don't know how to get the two to match up..

HI Betty

I talked to one of the developers and this is something we are trying to figure out.. why Max sometimes has trouble on a PC selecting the com port in use by the Arduino Bluetooth module. Stand by.


Hey Daniel,

Greg was mentoning that it works with com ports less than "10". So could it be the way Max is interpreting com ports with the serial command? It apparently can work with COM9, but not say, COM13.

Mind you, sometimes with my COM13 it was saying it was COM3 on the print output and other times it was saying can't find serial port.

I did try to remove the higher COM ports but WinXP keeps automatically reassigning the higher port numbers that I had just uninstalled. In previous versions of windows I had no problems reassigning COM port numbers. If the issue is lower COM ports I may have to go into the bios to configure serial ports...? ;(

Anyways, just offering things we have tried to help you.