MAX/msp and Arduino BT: not communicating

Hello everyone,

I am begginer with the arduino’s and I face some problems with making the board communicate with arduino2Max
Although I can upload the program to the board through COM16, I can’t get my arduino BT to communicate with the Max patch. As I have understood from previous related posts the problem is that the port that my PC (Windows Vista) is using is above 10.

The thing I haven’t figured out is how could I solve this problem.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance

Hello there,

I was having issues with Arduino BT as well. I sooooo wanted it to work!!! I decided to use xbee modules instead to make it happen. They're more reliable as well. All you will need is an xbee explorer usb, an arduino xbee shield , 2 xbee modules (make sure they're series 1) and a battery connector to give your arduino + shield power. Below are links to tutorials to assist you in putting it all together. Keep in mind the software these modules use to work, x-ctu is for PCs only. There is a way to make it work with mac....but I'm pretty new to the technology myself.


It worked in the end.
I changed the names of the ports and the problem was solved.

Thanks for the reply.