MAX/MSP or Processing and Bluetooth! Experiences?

Hello! On my current project I am controling 48 lights via MAX/MSP and an arduino Board. Using the serial object and the USB communication works very nice.

I tried to make the communication via Bluetooth using a Bluetooth Unit and the UART pins. That works, but the communication is VERY slow! I dont know why, but it is not possible to send PWM-Data from processing or MAX/MSP for a LED via bluetooth properly. It works, but 90% of the data gets lost which means that the led changes its brightness not immediately but every 500ms which looks creepy. I am using a very cheap Bluetooth dongle, and I am not sure if it will work better with an original Arduino BT.

I want to know if someone used a BT board in such a way and can tell me if it worked fine or 100% like the USB-cable option?

A lot of tutorials just turn a LED on and OFF. Of course that works, even with my board, but the problem is when I want to send more bytes in "realtime" like dimming a LED via the computer. That doesnt work..

I hope some can help me! I dont want to buy new hardware to have the same problem as before!



I hope some can help me!

How are you sending the data - ASCII or binary? Binary would be much faster.

What baud rate(s) are you using? Higher is better.

How much data are you sending? A new value each time, or only when the value changes? Delta will be faster.

Hi! I am sending a list of numbers. Baudrate is highest I could choose : 115200 I am sending 48 Bytes every 30ms